Ceiling Light Covers

Are you constantly bothered by the intensity or brightness of your ceiling bulbs and lights during the night? Then you already need to install ceiling light covers to produce a more conducive and relaxing ambience. These covers have been in existence for years, but only a few household actually take advantage of their beauty and functionality.

Decorative Replacement Ceiling Light Covers

The advantages of using covers for your ceiling lights

  • These are gorgeous house decorations. Check out some of the light covers sold in the market. You will notice that almost all have stylish, elegant, and unique designs. Instead of using a bare bulb or florescent light, why not accent your ceiling with these gorgeous light covers. You could also use some ceiling tiles for additional design for your ceiling.
  • They protect your bulbs or lights. Similar to the function of light covers for ceiling fans, these covers also help protect your bulbs from elements such as dirt, dust, moisture, etc. Did you know that most bulbs particularly the incandescent and CFLs are prone to earlier wearing and damage because of natural elements like water or moisture? This just proves that light covers are musts.
  • Toning down the intensity of your lights. Light covers serve as your lamp shades. They diffuse or mellow down the brightness of your bulbs to create a more conducive ambience either in your living room or bedroom.


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Examples of the most popular styles

  • Frosted glass light cover. The most common and popular options for ceiling light covers are those molded from frosted glass. Frosted glass is the white, blurry, and non-transparent type which is ideal in diffusing light.
  • Recessed light cover. These are the circular and decorative covers which can be paired with your indoor recessed or down lights. If you are buying a complete set of recessed lighting system, a complementary cover is often included.
  • Stained glass light covers. If you want an artistic touch for your ceiling, choose the stained glass light covers. They can be fixed or perhaps, suspended ceiling light covers fit for your chandeliers or pendant lighting systems.
  • Dome light covers. Dome covers are the most basic and simplest styles available. They can be colored in pure white, feature inlaid designs, or for a more classic look, the bronze-colored covers.


Beautiful Suspended Ceiling Light Covers

How to choose and properly install your light covers

  • Ensure compatibility when shopping for a cover. Majority of the light covers you can see and buy on the market have their own specific sizes or fittings. Hence, you will have to take measurements and ensure that the ceiling light covers you are considering would be compatible to your home lighting system.
  • Take advantage of an artistic design. After ensuring compatibility, you could already choose the cover or shade that attracts you most. Choose a cover with simple yet intricate artistic details.
  • Antique is beautiful. Just like the ceiling medallions, light covers have been used for decades and even centuries now. So there‚Äôs always a chance for you to have a beautiful antique shade.
  • Ensure safety when installing covers. When you are installing new or replacement ceiling light covers, safety is a must. Turn off the lights or switch, use a sturdy ladder, use electrical working gears, and ensure that the covers are tightly secured in place.


Vintage Pink and White Glass Ceiling Light Cover

Transform the appearance and glow of your room during the night with the help of the most elaborate and unique light shades or covers.