Ceiling Tiles and Light Covers

Ceiling tiles are a great way to spruce up a boring ceiling. They come in a variety of colors shapes and sizes to accentuate any decor. They can be functional, in case you need soundproofing for instance, or they can be used as a way to drop a ceiling to perhaps save money on heating and cooling costs. They can also be as extravagant as you want them to be. With the range of options available, your only limit is your imagination.

225 Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Tin Ceiling Tiles

Tin ceiling tiles have been around for a very long time. In a building with original ceiling tiles, you can almost feel the history that could have happened in that space. They began life as a substitute for plaster ceilings which were all the rage with the wealthiest households in Europe, and are a uniquely American style of ceiling decoration. Now they are back in style. They can be installed not only on the ceiling, either painted or varnished to preserve the shiny tin look, but they can also be used in the place of traditional tile in kitchen back splashes, or as an interesting accent wall in a bedroom or the living room or den. They can also be used to hide an unwanted popcorn ceiling in a quick and easy renovation.

Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Suspended ceiling tiles are made to hang from a support system from a ceiling to create a false ceiling lower than the actual ceiling. In the past, this was associated with office or other commercial buildings to conserve energy or to soundproof the building, with plain ceiling tiles that were not very pretty to look at. Today there are many other applications that go from functional to decorative to downright strange. They can be used to install can lighting if more light is needed or can be used to suspend drop lighting fixtures for an extra bit of artistic flair.

Drop Ceiling Tiles

Drop ceiling tiles can be used to make for more of a dramatic look for your ceiling. They can be different contrasting or coordinating colors to suit your decor. They also can serve as bases to install hanging light fixtures for artistic flair or specific lighting needs or can be used to soundproof a room if required. A variety of materials can be used such as tin tiles or drywall. They can also be used to install more insulation into a home where there may not be room in the attic.

Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles for Modern House

Ceiling Light Covers

Ceiling light covers can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be found to match almost any decor and can provide a softer lighting effect than just ceiling lights alone. Light covers are just the right finishing touch to help a room’s decor come together and are also just the right accent.

A room will depict its purpose depending on the things you put into it. There’s also dash of personality of the owner added to the room with pieces of furniture he chooses, the type of lighting as well as the materials used in making the room. Ceiling tiles and light covers give an edgy ambiance to the room.