Quick Tips in Cleaning Light Fixtures

Everyone would love to know the tips in cleaning light fixtures because generally speaking, it is be a difficult task to do. The reason behind this is because the lighting fixture is the place where dust and dirt can accommodate easily. In the long run, it could become an obstacle since the accumulated dust and dirt can dim the light; so timely cleaning of these light fixtures is important. Here are a few tips to clean them in a quick and easy way.

Quick Tips and Guide  in Cleaning Light Fixtures

Steps to follow on cleaning light fixtures

  • Always turn off the power supply before cleaning.
  • Check the fixture for any possible external damages.
  • If any damages are present, then get it fixed.
  • Use suitable techniques for cleaning depending on the fixture’s material


Ensuring safety

The very first thing one should consider before cleaning any light fixture is safety because it is directly connected with electricity. To stay safe, it is compulsory to plug off all power supplies leading to the fixture because you are going to be in contact with it using your bare hands. This particular step should be followed strictly; that’s why it is indicated as the first step of the whole process.

The second step is also something to do with your safety and that is examining the light fixture for any possible damage or cracks that are visible externally. If you have observed any damages, get it fixed at once, preferably before cleaning any parts of the fixture. Such damages could be source of leakage of electricity so do not skip this step at all costs.

Different methods used for cleaning different types of fixtures

Before following the tips in cleaning light fixtures, it is highly important to determine the kind of fixtures you have at home. Because each material has different ways of proper cleaning, you must follow manufacturer suggestions carefully. Otherwise, you might damage and ruin the look of the light fixtures. If the fixture is made of materials such as chrome, brass, steel, pewter or nickel, using detergents and other toxic chemicals should be avoided.

Materials normally come with a layer of wax coating that provides good shine and keeps the fixture attractive throughout. The use of detergents might affect this layer and hence it will lose its aesthetic appeal and might look duller in the long run. So, it is better to clean them with a damp piece of cloth that is clean. Cleaning the fixtures that are made of wall scones or glass can be done with the help of liquids that are used for hand washing dishes.

Never wash the glass bulb inside a dishwasher because it can lead to scratches and marks on them. Always use hand washing as much as possible. If you have a fixture that is fixed at a very higher height, you can clean them with the help of step ladders.

Ceiling Light  Covers Maintenance

Ceiling light covers

There are many advantages on using light covers for ceiling. Some of which are they can be functional and act as decorative accents. They can increase the elegant looks of your fixtures while protecting them from dust and dirt. There are different types of covers available like stained metal and glass light covers, light covers of LED technology, light covers that are eco friendly and covers that can help in saving energy.